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We are a theoretical chemistry group that studies problems in statistical mechanics, stochastic thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, nonequilibrium self-assembly, and biophysics. Contact Todd if you’d like to learn more!


Gingrich Group, November 2022

Todd Gingrich

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

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Schuyler Nicholson

Postdoctoral Scholar

Emanuele Penocchio

Postdoctoral Scholar

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Kathleen Krist

Postdoctoral Scholar

Geyao Gu

Graduate Student

Jonah Greenberg

Graduate Student

Kate Murphy

Graduate Student

John Zima

Graduate Student

Drew Alvarez

Undergraduate Student



T.H. Tan, G.A. Watson, Y.Chao, J. Li, T.R. Gingrich, J.M. Horowitz, and N. Fakhri. "Scale-dependent irreversibility in living matter." arXiv:2107.05701, 2021.

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In Print

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Abstract PDF arXiv doi:10.1021/acs.jctc.3c01201

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Abstract PDF arXiv doi:10.1073/pnas.2210500120

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Abstract PDF doi:10.2144/000112032



Alex Albaugh

Postdoc (2018-22)

Currently an Assistant Professor at Wayne State University

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Niles Babin

Undergraduate (2022)

Currently an Undergraduate at Harvey Mudd College

Rueih-Sheng (Ray) Fu

PhD (2018-23)


Isabelle Goodrow

Undergraduate (2023)

Currently an Undergraduate at Cornell University

Ashini Shah

Undergraduate (2022-23)

Currently at the Graduate School for Complex Systems Chemistry at the University of Strassbourg

Nils Strand

PhD (2018-23)

Currently a Postdoc at the University of Chicago


Hadrien Vroylandt

Postdoc (2018-20)

Currently at Sorbonne Université