Chemistry 444

Elementary Statistical Mechanics! (in the age of COVID-19)

Fall 2020

Northwestern University

Instructor:  Todd Gingrich
Office:  The Internet and possibly Ryan 4018
Office Hours:   Wednesday 4-5 pm CST, Thursday 2:30-3:30 CST, Zoom Link
Telephone:  510-457-8600
Lecture:  Zoom Link
Time:  TuTh 9:40-11am CST
Midterm Exam:  Thursday, November 5.

Please consult the course syllabus for course objective and policies.

The course website (this site) will be used to post lecture notes, special notes, homework assignments, and homework solutions.

Lecture notes:

Homework assignments will normally be made available on this website by Thursday of each week, and will be due on Friday of the following week at 5 pm. Late work will only be accepted if arrangements are made in advance or if there are particularly exceptional circumstances.